Wednesday, February 03, 2016

How to make a safe wine investment

Investing in anything is never a sure fire bet, that's why it's called investing. If it was a sure thing all the time and there were no risk, then it would not merit much of a return at all. It's like savings account interest, it's never going to make you rich because there is absolutely zero risk. Investing in wine is something that for the most part is pretty volatile. What the wine consuming public deems as valuable is constantly on the chopping block for the newest and most sought after producers. That's not to say you can't do a little research and find the "blue chips" of the wine world that have a proven track record for success. That's exactly how to answer the question that this post is entitled with. How does one make a safe wine investment? Well, I will give you that answer........


 Here's the short list:

-Classified Bordeaux growths in good vintages 

-Right Bank Bordeaux in good vintages - (Petrus, Le pin, Angelus, Ausone, Cheval Blanc, ect.) 

-Italian Reds (Only the classics - (Sassicaia, Ornellaia, Tignanello, Masseto, Conterno Barolo, ect) 

-California Cabernet Sauvignon - (Be cautious....Only the greats - Araujo, Opus One, Harlan, ect) 

-100 Points Wines by Robert Parker and Wine Spectator -Wine Spectator "Wine of the Year" winners 

-Vintage port in classic vintages only -Grand Cru Burgundy in great vintages

Stick to these blue chips. DO NOT....I repeat, DO NOT invest in the next wine craze or new hit....Imagine those that invested in Australian super Shiraz when it was exploding. They are now standing alone with their dicks in their hands! There are of course other proven winners out there...Stay tuned to this blog and seek out others to continue building knowledge about where to invest in the fine wine market.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

2013 Caves du Fournalet Cotes du Rhone

This lovely little gem found in the squatty looking bottle was actually quite a surprise for the relatively budget price point.
Cotes du Rhone is still one of the worlds best wine values if you can find those that match up well with your palate. They are often a touch rustic for some people as they are no doubt French and have an earthy side. I suggest giving this one a go because it's not only in a romantic looking bottle, but it's quite nice for the price!

On the nose the wine displays your typical Cotes du Rhone characteristics of earthy blackberry, black chery, dried herbs, and hints of organic gravel.

On the palate the wine shows flavors of rustic black berry, black cherry, tar, rusted metal, and subtle black licorice notes. There is nice ripeness and fruit here if you allow the wine to breathe and soften in the glass. I've seen Cotes du Rhone for double the price deliver less....this is a solid effort, if you can find it buy a case. It won't put a dent in your pocket and is wonderfully serviceable, every day, great red wine. 86+ points


Top ten most highly rated wine aerators on Amazon

Many wine connoisseurs find they love the convenience of a wine aerator. They'd rather use a device designed to force oxygen into their wine instantly, rather than have to wait for a decanter to do it's job. Doing the research about what wine aerators rate the highest amongst wine consumers yielded the following results:

#1 - Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer - Premium Aerating Pourer and Decanter Spout 

#2 - Vitruvian Wine Aerator

#3 - Kaptron Wine Aerator

#4 - Zazzol Wine Aerator Decanter

#5 - Vinotage Pro Wine Aerator

#6 - Vittoria's Essential Red Wine Aerator Decanter

#7 - Wine Aerator & Spout Pourer by Bar Brat

#8 - Vinoria Luxury Red Wine Aerator & Pourer

#9 - Vinluxe PRO Wine Aerator

#10 - Vinara Essential Wine Aerator

Sunday, January 31, 2016

2014 J.L. Quinson Cotes de Provence

It's never a bad time to have a glass or rose, but especially while cruzin' the web in your pajamas on a quite sunday afternoon. I'm always attracted to these pink wines in the funky shaped bottle. There seems to be something uniquely authentic about the roses from Provence. It's like they are unabashed by the stark femininity of their wines and the bottle even displays that sort of suave female essence. At any rate, I picked this inexpensive rose up at Trader Joe's the other afternoon and thought I'd give it a's my thoughts:

The color of the wine in the glass is actually dependent on how much you pour (it's darker in larger quantity) but I'd say it is a very light pink color with even a touch of salmon-orange. 

The nose is simple with lovely floral notes, citrus pith, stone minerality, and hints of mild cows milk cheese. On the palate, the wine is fresh and bright and offers up flavors of pink grapefruit, crushed rocks, lychee, rose petal essence, and citrus blossom. There is a textural element that is unique here and it almost strikes me as having a bit more weight then I might have expected, which I totally dig. 88 Points

2013 Chateau Pape Clement

This is one of the great wineries of Bordeaux and is often overlooked when speaking about true collectibles. It is thought to be the oldest estate in Bordeaux and has produced over 700 vintages to date. The winery and vineyards are located in the commune of Pessac, south-west of the city of Bordeaux.

The 2013 Bordeaux vintage is still extraordinarily young and having just tasted about 50 of them in a recent event, I can say that the vintage is somewhat light, high in acidity, and needs lots of time to come together. They were showing the 2013's side by side with the amazing 2010 vintage, which I thought to be quite unfair considering the known quality and depth of the 2010's.

This wine was one of the better efforts of the 2013's and showed remarkably well at such a young stage. The wine is incredibly dense and very black in color especially at the core, only fading slightly to a dark garnet and ruby color on the rim.

On the nose the wine shows earthy and ironous qualities, combined with cassis, black berry, pencil lead, rusted metal roof, bike chain, and Provencal herbs.

On the palate the wine is powerful and displays the same earthly-like black fruits, that pencil lead and  that black coal/metallic character persists. The wine has immense tannin and acid and will last at least a few decades in bottle where it will mature and bring forth it's true spirit.