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Friday, February 04, 2005

Contact Thomas @ The Blog Wine Cellar

Thanks for visiting The Blog Wine Cellar! Your presence here is welcome and the pleasure is all mine. Since early 2006 I have been making an effort to bring every piece of wine knowledge available to me to the masses. Why......? Because I have an extreme passion for this wonderful beverage and it gives me joy to spread the word to those with similar enthusiasm for wine.

I also love to blog and network with friends and colleagues around the wine business and share with them in this great quest. Yes, a quest for the hidden gems of the wine world. Wines with a real sense of place and those made with love and care by some of the most generous and real people I've ever come in contact with!

I would love to here your comments, questions, and inquiries, so don't be shy and drop me a line. If you wish to send sample's for review or would like to partner or advertise with The Blog Wine Cellar, please contact me with the following information:

Thomas Klafke

Thomas Klafke
128 S Pasadena
Mesa, AZ 85210

1 comment:

Carlos Ramirez said...

Hi Thomas! Look at this hot-artistic piece made up with wine!
It's a good idea for your blog