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Saturday, June 10, 2006

1999 Poggio Antico Altero Brunello di Montalcino

This Brunello di Montalcino is so complex and wonderful I almost don't no how to describe it. An earthy-chocolate nose that is so deep and absorbing it's almost intoxicating,lots of dried cherry, cedar, and leather on the palate with a finish that develops into a beautiful aftertaste of sweet cherry chocolate. Don't be fooled by those comments though, beacuse this wine shows lots of sharp character and expresses it's terroir with power and dynamic presence. Drinking very well now and I would guess in a few more years this Brunello will be on another planet! I score it 94 points.



WagerWitch said...

You know - you might laugh. But this wine sort of tastes like my husband's favorite wine... Lambrusco.

At least it did to me. And YES!!! I know Lambrusco is a cheapie Riunite wine. But after the initial tang to the tounge it has those flavors.

Sigh - Maybe I'm losing my taste buds. LOL!

Anyhow - NICE reviews of wines - thanks for putting them out there - and I looooove the labels.

I would also like to see you describe what specific types of foods - or even a recipe to go with each wine type - now that would be fun...

Here's the bottle of wine - and Here's the dinner you should serve with it and the recipes to make it... Yummmmmm!

Have a splendid day!

Wager Witch
PS. Found you on blogclicker - glad I'm surfing around.

Samsara said...

Your Wine blog is beautiful. I am a recovering alcoholc though and so not too wise to blogroll you but if I needed a wine connoiseur I'd be here! :-)