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Friday, August 18, 2006

Marqués de Riscal 2001 Rioja Reserva

Wow! What an awesome wine. I will give you a little back round on the wine before I give you my tasting notes. The 2001 vintage is one of Spain's best vintages to date. I won't dive into why it's a great vintage but the wines do all the talking.

Francisco Hurtado de Amezaga, technical and production director of La Rioja's oldest winery, the now renascent Marqués de Riscal, thinks the newly renovated bodega's 2001 wines will be noteworthy. "In La Rioja in general, and particularly at Marqués de Riscal, 2001 has been, without a doubt, exceptional," Hurtado says. "Above all, our wines will be characterized by their finesse. Additionally, the quality of the tannins is superior even to the great 1994 vintage. The 2001 wines are rounder and sweeter than the 1994s."

Hurtado is particularly impressed by the quality of the tempranillo: "We sincerely believe that 2001 is a year in which tempranillo has come very close to reaching its greatest potential, if, indeed, it has not done so."

This reserva is 90% Tempranillo and 10% Graciano and Mazuelo. The reserva wines of Marqués de Riscal are made basically from grapes coming from vines over 15 years old, of the Tempranillo variety. This is a variety that ages well in wood, producing wines with a good tannic structure, colour and acidity during the ageing process. The reserva wines of Riscal spend approximately two years in American oak barrels, forming a wine which adheres to the principles of classic Rioja wines.

Tasting Notes:This wine has one of the best bouquets I have ever witnessed, boasting notes of vanilla and soft oak with complex, unfolding layers of leather, plum, and sweet tabacco. The flavors are very haunting and almost reminiscent of older style Bordeaux. Soft but yet a ting of spice that holds the length of the finish to perfection, The tannins are very well integrated but also very prevelant in the structure of the wine, the color is a ruby tone with a slight tint of burgundy around the edges which reveals the aging process of the reservas in Rioja. I score this wine 91 points. Excellent example of true Rioja and a fabulous vintage.

Find this wine here:
Marques de Riscal 2002 Rioja Reserva - Tempranillo Red Wine


Anonymous said...

Wow. Had this wine tonight and was so impressed, I had to search online for other tasting notes. I agreed 100% with your impressions. A tremendous value for a $13-17 wine. I gave it a 92.

Anonymous said...

the best wine ever.... i buy as much 2001 i can find. liquid gold !