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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Capocroce "Pulpito" Nero d' Avola 2003

This wine from Sicily is a light ruby color and has a very Italian nose to it. Lots of cherry, earth, leather, and a slight touch of tart raspberry. This wine has sharp acidity as do most wine from Italy and is no doubt made for a fine Italian cuisine. Ripe red cherry is the dominant flavor with spicy mocha and toast flavors. The finish is nice and long and leaves the mouth coated with flavor. I really enjoy this wine and the structure it has on the palate. The price point is around $15.00 retail and is a solid wine for the price. 87 points and a solid effort from Sicily.
Unknown said...

hey thomas

thank you for taking the time to write something on my site.

and why you have to be single to do the things i do?
i mean i am not single hahahahh

keep up the good work

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