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Monday, October 09, 2006

Terras do Grifo 2005

I have tasted a very few Portuguese wines and this white made from Malvasia fina was just average in my opinion. A Douro D.O.C. this straw colored white has similar characteristics to Pinot Grigio as it is very basic, not very complex and is crisp, light, and citrus filled. The mouthfeel is soft and this wine may have had slight contact in oak which does give it a round character which I find interesting but not entirely convincing. I would suggest pairing this wine with fish or seafoods as it will cut through the fish oils and fats and save you a lemon!

P.S. Revisited 10/10/2006 after one day of being oped and vacu-vined. I will rate this wine 89 points as it improved to be very complex and refreshing.

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