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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Krug Brut Grand Cuvee

Today I drank a 375ml bottle of Krug Brut Grand Cuvee. I was in the mood for some Champagne and I thought since I had a bottle in my fridge I would crack it for the hell of it! I had a nasty day a work and need to chill out. Well the wine was pretty good but not exactly what I was hoping for. To be honest I expected to taste the best Champagne I have ever had. So many people have told me how they just love Krug and how it's the best non-vintage Champagne out there. I would score it 90 points and for the price range it's a pass. Now the cut I had on the inside of my lip didn't exactly help my experience with this wine. I stung sooooo bad that it might have effected my honest judgement of this most highly rated bubbly. At any rate that's my experience with Krug.

Find Krug here:
Krug Grande Cuvee - Champagne & Sparkling

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