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Monday, March 19, 2007

My Most Recent Tasting.....

This was a most interesting tasting:

1982 BV Georger de Latour: The Georges was quite interesting indeed! The nose was of plum, figs, and dried cherries, the color was a faded red but not at all browned, the flavors were soft and subtle but the fruit was not really snappy enough for me. This was the most aged Californian wine I have been exposed to and I enjoyed the adventure immensely.

1995 Dominus: The 1995 Dominus started off being one of the most interesting wines of the night, only to fade in the shadows and lose it's complexity while compared to the other wines. Nevertheless the wine was very structured after 12 years of aging and maintained a dark color, firm tannin structure, and time to improve over the next few years. Definitely a old world style wine as it resembled left bank Bordeaux in structure.

1995 Forman: The best wine of the night agreed by all those present. This wine had fantastic complexity with old world aromas of leather, barnyard, manure!!, but fantastic fruit characters that balanced out the terroir. The wine was in it's prime if you ask me and I rated it 94 points plus and say it's worth just as much as many second growth Bordeaux wines if not better.

1996 Ridge Santa Cruz Mountains: Another wine that showed outstanding and carried the trademark "Ridge fruit" that is just so luscious and fruit forward. This wine seemed to blossom after being decanted for about an hour and the nose just kept getting more and more complex. Layers of coco and espresso, backed by dark fruits like cassis, blackberry, black raspberry, and ripe cherry. Lots of layers were present both on the palate and the nose.

2001 Fanti Brunello di Montalcino: The youngest wine of the night and a 96 point score from Wine Spectator, the Fanti Brunello was obviously a little too young to be popped, but the wine did show very well and was almost what I was expecting. Aromas of chocolate, dust, cherry, sweet earth, and cappuccino. I think the Spectator over scored the wine a tad but the effort was good nonetheless.

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