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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

2003 Muga Reserva Rioja

Muga is widely regarded as a quality producer of Spanish Rioja and this wine follows suit and met my lofty expectations. This wine combines the old world style of Rioja with the new and shows that producers from Spain can create a wine with modern and fruit forward appeal without losing it's backbone and terroir. Deep aromas of black raspberry, classic Rioja saddle leather, dark chocolate, and really ripe strawberry. The aromas filled my office as I let the wine breathe in my glass for about 15 minutes before tasting it. Big robust cherry powers it way through on the palate and then subsides turning into an earthy blackberry finish. The texture of the wine is very silky and seductive but is also to be expected with reserve Rioja because of extended barrel aging customary to tradition. I like the wine a lot and it is the type of wine that will pair very nicely with a variety of beefy dishes. I score the 2003 Muga reserva 90 points and would recommend letting the wine breathe a bit before serving it to let the oxygen blow of any woody notes and help reveal the fruit behind this effort.

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