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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

2005 Boarding Pass First Class Shiraz

Just another great wine from Grateful Palate Imports and a snappy little marketing concept of creating a wine that looks like an boarding pass. The "First Class" Shiraz is the upgraded version of this wine while the standard boarding pass Shiraz is the larger production but also a great wine. The nose boasts pure aromas of vanilla, black licorice, black raspberry, and cassis which are the typical but never overdone with wines created by the "R Winery". This wine is best tasted after long decanting or 2-3 days after opening it. The night I opened the wine I found it hard to enjoy because of the purity and strength of extraction, not to be confused with heavy tannins but more of an overpowering amount of fruit, acid, and alcohol. The texture of this wine after 3 days has evolved into a silky smooth concoction that glides across the palate and finishes almost seamless. Rich flavors of creamy cassis, black licorice, blackberry, and vanilla all melt together to create a beautiful, fully structured, and notably familiar "New World" wine. I score this effort 91 points. Of course Parker scored it 94 but that was to be expected!


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Anonymous said...

By pure accident I enjoyed this wine three days after opening and I cannot concur enough with your savvy recommendation of delayed consumption, This wine with a rustichella brand pasta in a melanzane red sauce was a delight. Hard to find such value as this boarding pass shiraz. The deffered enjoyment is key.