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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

2006 Layer Cake Primitivo

This wine is actually sourced from Puglia Italy even though the packaging would suggest otherwise and the Shiraz from this label is from Barossa Australia. Speaking of the packaging, this wine has a very cleaver label which will get many a "soccer mom" to pick it up while at the wine shop. The aroma of this wine is very hi-c fruit punch mixed with skittles, mulberry,and bramble berry. Lots of ripe, sugary favors mixed with a touch of blackberry and oak. This wine is full of fruit but lacks any type of complexity and would never be thought of as an Italian wine, in terms of terroir or tipicity. Tastes almost like Aussie Shiraz or Grenache. 84 Points

Jenn said...

I find it odd that you don't taste complexity in this wine - and several other reviewers, even my boyfriend, didn't think it was complex. I could taste waves of different fruits (blackberry, fig, cherry, currant) as well as chocolate, coffee and even some anise... palates differ so much!

Anonymous said...

I thought this wine tasted like SILK. I just bought 3 bottles after drinking it at Tangerino in Charlestown.

Jenn said...

I bought a case of it after trying a bottle at Santi in Geyserville (CA) - but found that the case I got didn't taste quite the same as the wine in the restaurant (which wasn't decanted - opened at the table).

You can't account for storage or temperature in transport though...

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