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Thursday, May 29, 2008

2004 Bonny Doon Syrah Le ousseur

Let me start out by saying that this wine is an astonishing steel at the price point where it sits. I reviewed this wine with no prior knowledge of the winery or the wines Bonny Doon produces. I also had no idea this wine was under $20 and when I found out I was very surprised. This wine drinks better than many forty to fifty dollar bottles of California Syrah.

Now that I have your attention! This wine is deep and dark in color and only contains around 13.5% alcohol. Amazing when you think about the current trend of making high octane Syrah. The nose boasts wonderful aromas of cassis, bacon fat, blackberry, a touch of black cherry, and subtle hints of pencil led and tar. My wife also gave me a suggestion of what she smelt on the nose and said it smells like orange peel, which tends to be common in Syrah if you really pay attention. The flavors are rich but not over the top, subtle but full of character. Pure blackberry jam, black cherry, and that hint of pencil led. This wine reminds me of Cote Rotie without the funky terroir and sharp acidity. The only thing this wine lacks is a bit of depth on the finish but other than that, this wine is marvelous. Stunned by the purity and delineated flavors.

One of the most interesting and well balanced Syrah's I've tasted in awhile. 91-92 points


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Unknown said...

I have always enjoyed Bonny Doon, Ca'del Solo Big House Red!