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Sunday, May 18, 2008

The wine that made me a believer!!

Everyone has a wine that made him or her become a true wine connoisseur. It's my hope that anyone who reads this post will comment on which wine convinced them of this brilliance of the holy beverage.

Mine was the 1996 Château Angélus poured by Hubert de Boüard's daughter at one of my first trade tasting events. I remember being blow away by the complexity and depth of this wine and comparing everything else I had tasted at the show to this one wine. Of course there are wines that I have be able to taste since then that may be considered superior wines, but this was the wine that did it to me. It turned me into a wine lover, one always seeking that next spiritual wine experience.

Some may say it was a gradual progression from cheap bulk wines to California reds and then eventually to the great wines of Burgundy, Bordeaux, or Italy. My experience was much more abrupt and reality set in that wine was more then just another way to catch a buzz, but a wonderful world of great experiences, magnified by the company of good foods and the best of friends.

Please comment below on which wine turned you into the cork dork you are today!

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