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Thursday, June 05, 2008

2006 Marchetti Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico

This Verdicchio is from the Marche just outside of Ancona, in the Verdicchio Classico zone. It's a very small 900 case production that is stainless steel fermented and produced from very low yielding vines. This wine is also pressed using a "flower press" which is extremely soft on the grapes and makes this wine essentially all free-run juice. The aromas of this wine are simple with citrus and mineral characteristics. The flavors are of lime peel, mineral, and wet stone. This wine has a real striking acidity which makes it a perfect pairing for all types of seafood. I actually had some colby jack cheese which it went really nice with, but I think this wine would flourish with fish. Easy, simple, fresh, and good for food. 86 points



Anonymous said...

I was slightly shocked to find out that this wine was 100% free run juice, as I found it to be rather bitter and tart. But perhaps I am just new to this varietal. I wonder if the grapes were able to ripen fully?

CrowMolly said...

On a recommendation, I had this wine with dinner tonight. It was great! Went exceedingly well with the mushroom risotto that was the main course. I think it would stand well enough on its own. All in all a great pick.