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Thursday, July 31, 2008

2001 Liparita Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

This is a wine that I have special sentiment for and one that I had the privilege to try at a trade tasting about three years ago. It was the best wine that evening and is now showing even better with the extra bottle age. Seems like yesterday when these promising 01' vintage Napa Cabs were released as the next great vintage of Napa red wines since 97' and now they are almost ready and fully developed wines. The bouquet of this wine is really special and shows aromas of dark cherry, sweet tea leaf, hints of dark plums, and a touch of cedar. Light and damp leather notes and a earthy, dusty coco meets soil thing is also present but constantly changing. The very complex aromatics are what make this wine so special but the flavors are also quite daunting. Rich red cherry, tea leaf, sweet tobacco, plum, and unsweetened coco are just a few examples of the complex profile of flavor nuances. The tannins are sweet and integrated but also pull on the palate and make this wine very dry and serious. It's hard to asses wines like these and even tougher to score them because of the age. If this wine were younger I would have scored it in the low 90's but as it stands right now I think it deserves 94-95 points.



Pete said...

Good info on the wine. Thks. Cheers

Anonymous said...

Thank You Pete