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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

2005 La Crema Anderson Valley Pinot Noir

This Pinot Noir is a massive, full flavored effort with mounds of youth and expression that almost needs time in the bottle to tame the vigorous and powerful flavors. The bouquet is best summed up by the oak, cherry, rhubarb, and ripe strawberry preserves that it forcefully exudes. There is a medicinal hint to the nose that I found a bit obnoxious(like a Robitussin) but it only supports my opinion that this wine is a bit to young to drink at the moment. The only thing that overpowers the aromas of this wine are the flavors which are very exaggerated and somewhat untamed at the moment. Kind of reminds me of a Paul Hobbs Pinot I reviewed awhile back because of it's high octane nature and it's similarity to many over the top Russian River Pinot's I've come across. Flavors of raw young strawberry, oak, red cherry, and pencil lead. Seems a bit high in alcohol and would offend most classic Burgundy aficionados. The subtlety is lacking in this wine and doesn't fully express what I think the essence of Pinot Noir really should reveal. I score this wine 86 points.


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