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Saturday, July 26, 2008

2006 "Luchador" Shiraz

This wine is just another crazy labeled wine from those guys at the R Winery down in South Australia. The wine is dark purple and deep red in color and has copious amounts of vanilla, black licorice, oak, and blackberry jam on the nose. On the palate this wine shows a hefty amount of alcohol, oak, tar, and cassis. This is what I like to call just another disjointed, over the top, and out of wack Aussie fruit bomb! Which when I think about it, makes it kind of cool in a way, just how out of touch these winemakers in Australia are with reality. This type of wine really makes you wonder if it was made from grapes. Tons of artificial fruit, tons of alcohol, loads of oak, and slightly bitter tannin is what this wine is all about. After about and hour of decanting this wine is still just way to extracted and off balance. The Grateful Palate is a great imported of wine and many of these gimmick wines from the R winery have been good efforts, but this I'm afraid falls into the less exciting category of critter juice! 83-84 points



Anonymous said...

I completely disagree with you, it seems you are not aware of what Australian Shiraz should taste like, maybe you should check your out of wack palate. If you would do a little research and understand the climate, the growing conditions, and the "reality" of South Australia you might be able to recognize a great Australian Shiraz when it smacks you in the palate. And if you were to do a little research you might better understand what R Wines Stands for and the people behind it. They make great wines that seem to be souring above your intelligence level. Great wines for great values, these are not wines that you will see in a grocery store like your "Old Fart" or "Old Bastard" Wines. Get down under and learn about where great wines like Luchador come from.

thomas said...

I respect your opinion but think you will realize 10,000 wines down the road that this type of wine although powerful and extracted has no real complexity and is just another wine made in the cellar. Real terroir is what you will eventually grow to love as your palate matures my dear watson.

thomas said...

Oh, and I know darn well who made this wine as I used to sell these wines for a living. R Winery does produce some good wines but they also produce a lot of bulk wine that is very uniteresting. Not everything imported by the great Dan Phillips is made of gold, even if Robert Parker Jr. is in the sack with him.