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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Resveratrol not what it's cracked up to be....?

Research and reports on the anti-aging effects of resveratrol have been quite frequently translated in recent times by many media sources. This so-called "fountain of youth" compound found in red wines and other natural plants and herbs has been hyped up to be something that (at least in mice), rejuvenates mitochondria and produces the same cell-level changes as longevity-enhancing calorically restricted diets. However, these tests also concluded that in order to recieve the amount of resveratrol used in these positive studies, one would have to consume around 750 bottles of red wine a day!

A liter of wine contains about three milligrams of resveratrol; the mid-range mouse dose in a recent study was 30 milligrams per kilogram of body weight.

Scale that up to a 165-pound human, and you've got a daily dose of 2.25 grams. If you want to get this from wine, tell your friends and family first: you'll need to drink 750 bottles.
- Wired Science

So before you go out to your local wine shop and pick up a bottle of red wine for it's anti-aging benefits, remember to drink it with a group of your most amusing friends. The release of endorphins from a good buzz and laugh may just give you a better chance of rejuvenating yourself.


Anonymous said...

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thomas said...

Great Comment and link thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bacchus,

As an avid wine drinker (I mean collector) I was thrilled to learn about the beneficial effects of resveratrol. However, drinking wine wasn't what got me interested in resveratrol, it was brought to my attention while researching stocks as I came accross Sirtis Pharmacueticals. Sirtis (recently bought by Glaxo SmithKline for approx $720mm) is developing pharmaceutical grade high potent and very bioavailable resveratrol product called SRT501. The hope is they will be able to deliver the levels needed enabling you to benefit from all these high dose studies we've seen in mice.

As for wine and resveratrol I think your last paragraph sums it up really good, "...share it with your friends..."

All that being said, I started taking resveratrol supplements about two months ago. I've been sharing my experiences along with keeping those interested up-to-date of new stories and studies on my blog

Great finding your blog and enjoy your wine,