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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Keys to becoming wine savvy

I would never be pretentious enough to claim to be the all encompassing god of wine knowledge. However, I do realize that people that are actively engaged in the business of wine do have a significant grasp of what it is and how it's made. The general wine drinking public is increasingly more in the "know-how" about the subject and what their palates enjoy. To be honest, that is the most important factor in becoming more wine smart- Taste as many as you can! Your brain will begin to grasp the dynamic of each individual wine variety and origin the moment you taste them. Your brain will categorize them by flavors, aromas, and tactile sensations. Another smart thing to do is to taste them with experienced wine geeks. I have learned so much about the subject because I'm fortunate to have good friends and acquaintances who enjoy wine equally or more than I do. There are so many great wine books out there but not all are the easiest to read. I suggest getting one with amazing photography of the vineyards and countries where the stuff is made. I have a really cool one called "WINE" by Andre Domine. It has the most amazing photography and although the content can seem a bit dry, the photos capture your interest and help you along the way. My final suggestion is to get involved in choosing and being an artist with your food and wine pairings. Finding the wines that pair well with your cuisine is an amazing art form and can teach you so much about the culinary experience. Matching flavors, acidity, and textures in wine with the proper foods is an amazing and stimulating practice and will teach you how to expand your palate and appreciation for even the most eclectic wines. In conclusion, you should never be intimidated about the subject of wine because it's just juice but you can expand your knowledge which will ultimately lead to a more enjoyable wine and culinary experience.


Anonymous said...

Excellent advice for people who are new to wine. It's rare for someone to have a natural ability to recognize aromas and flavors, but I do believe that this is a skill that can be learned with practice and with some mentoring.

Allison said...

Yes..The best way to learn about wine is to drink it! Enjoy it with friends and savor the experience. It is magical.