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Monday, November 10, 2008

2006 Calera Central Coast Pinot Noir

I have often been impressed with this winery and the great Pinot they produce year after year. The quality of this Central Coast Pinot is amazing and I would recommend it to Pinotfiles everywhere. The color of the wine is quite light and doesn't appear to be too deeply extracted. However, the flavors are amazingly haunting and complex. On the nose this wine exemplifies fresh wild strawberry, strawberry shortcake, and just a touch of green. Now, when I say green this is a green totally unique to Pinot Noir in that it's not green as in vegital or green pepper, but green in a sage-like, stemmy, and leafy nature that is common with Pinot Noir. It's a very wild but delicate aroma that maybe I'm just crazy in recognizing. The wine is soft and delicate on the palate, showing dominant flavors of brambly strawberry. It's all about grace, balance, acidity, and a delicacy. It only falls a tad short on true depth to be considered near seamless. I really love this wine and recommend it at 92 points.

P.S. I love the glass enclosure as well!

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