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Saturday, November 15, 2008

2007 Stellina di Notte Pinot Grigio IGT

The reason why people sometime don't take Italian Pinot Grigio seriously is because of wines like these. Often thin and uninteresting wines that have little to no complexity. I have had some Pinot Grigio's that defy this logic and are wines with great purpose and culinary importance. This however, is not one of those. The aromas on this wine are of fennel, orange peel, honey suckle, and melon. The flavors are of bitter orange and lime peelings, steel, and stones. The finish is quite bitter and off balance, with disjointed alcohol and acid. This is a wine that lacks texture, depth, fruit, and harmony. A bitter quaffer at best, 67 points.



Anonymous said...

I must say that I thought it was far from bitter. I love it!I would love to know what others thought.

Unknown said...

I was charged $25 for a bottle of this ho-hum wine and then shocked when the waiter arrived and unscrewed a metal cap from the top of the bottle!!! It wasn't even a corked wine! Way over-rated and not worth the price. Obviously, the bottle wasn't the only thing that came un-screwed that night!

Anonymous said...

It went very well with our Arugula salad. Not as lively as other brands, but good enough. For the price, no complaints.

Fr.Edde said...

cork or rubber stopper, or screw top, Stelinna is an excellent, beautiful, tasteful wine. It has become a favorite of our household, and this after tasting many others of the more expensive labels. Enjoy Stellina in the warmer summer months, takair ed