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Monday, November 24, 2008

2008 Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais Nouveau

It's Beaujolais time again! Yes my friends, the third Thursday of November has come and gone and left it's little juicy quaffer behind for us to enjoy. I tasted the Duboeuf Nouveau which is the most common of the"carbonic macerated" vinos and probably the only one we'll carry in the cellar. The color is more extracted and purple this time around and has intense fruit punch like aromatics. There's also banana candy and dirty earth-steel aromas that accompany the fruity bouquet. The flavors follow very much the same standard of artificial punch and banana candy (runts or popsicle) like notes. There is also a dirty and grimy earth thing going on which is a bit off putting. The finish is a bit ruff as well and has some out of kilter tannin and alcohol. The wine is drinkable but nothing I would ever put my Thanksgiving guest through! 76 points



joeshico said...

I knew I read this post before. Tonight I found it again on another blog wilthout any credit or link to the Blog Wine Cellar. I also found four of my reviews. Some changes were made but most is word for word.
The four reviews were taken from my blog as was this one.
I found mine on DIGG where his account has been de-activated and on Kinda pisses me off.
blog for thief is Title of blog is 'Radiance of Hope' His blog catalog profile is xueshu86.
Thought I should pass this info on.
Have already contacted Digg and Blogcatalog.

joeshico said...

The web site I cited is a .net not .com. Digg has deactivated that account.