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Thursday, November 06, 2008


Origin: France
Other Names: Barbin, Bergeron, Courtoisie, Fromental, Fromental Jaune, Fromenteal, Fromenteau, Greffon, Greffou, Martin Cot, Petite Rousette, Picotin Blanc, Plant de Seyssel, Rabellot, Rabelot, Ramoulette, Rebellot, Rebolot, Remoulette, Roussane, Roussane Blanc, Roussanne Blanc, Roussette, Rusan Belyi, Rusan Blan.

Roussanne is a white grape variety originating in France's Rhône region where it is ofter blended with Marsanne. It is the only white grape varietal beside Marsanne permitted to be grown in the northern Rhône appellations of Crozes-Hermitage AOC, Hermitage AOC and Saint-Joseph AOC. It's also grown in the southern Rhône appellation of Châteauneuf-du-Pape where it is one of six white grapes permitted in the famous and sought after blends. Roussanne is also grown in other regions throughout the world such as California, Washington, Australia, and even in other old world regions such as Tuscany and parts of Spain. Wines made from this grape are characterized by there intense aromatics and their waxy and nutty textures. The Roussanne vine ripens late and is characterized by its irregular yields that can be decreased further due to poor wind resistance. The vine is also susceptible to powdery mildew and rot which makes it a difficult vine to cultivate. In recent years, the development of better clones have alleviate some of these difficulties. In warm climates, it produces wines of richness, with flavors of honey and pear, and full body. In cooler climates it is more floral and more delicate, with higher acidity.

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