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Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Origin: Italy
Other Names: Gordo, Moscatel de Alejandría, Muscat, Moscato

Zibibbo, local dialect for the Golden Muscat, is a large grape indigenous to the island of Pantelleria, a tiny island in the Mediterranean between Sicily and Tunisia. The intense heat and volcanic soil create a concoction of complex flavors... sweet and tangy, caramel and grapes. Zibibbo is used as a synonym for muscat or moscato and makes a wine called Passito di Pantelleria. Two DOCs that are located on the small Italian island of Pantelleria, which is southwest of Sicily, close to North Africa. They produce sweet wines of varying styles-PASSITO and non-passito, some are FORTIFIED and some are SPARKLING. The variety used is the Zibibbo, one of the muscat grapes. The best Moscato di Pantelleria wines make lusciously sweet dessert wines.

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