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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

2005 Deinhard Beeren Auslese - Rheinhessen Q.M.P.

This is a cheap little German Beeren Auslese that we sell a lot of in the cellar because of the low price point of only $11-12. The grape varietal breakdown was hard to scrounge up on the web so I'll leave that one for ya'll to find out!! I know it's not Riesling though and I think it's a blend of two to three obscure German varietals. The aromas of this wine are of honey, nuts, over ripe apricot, pancake syrup, and a distinct botrytis type funk. On the palate the wine is really pretty nutty and shows notes of honey-nut, light apricot, and orange jelly candy. This wine is very light and not as complex as most true Beerenauslesen. It will taste really good to most new wine drinkers because it's sweet but I believe it lack potency and length. The acidity levels are a bit too low as well, which leaves the wine a little flabby and fat. Gosh!! I'm really panning this one huh! No , but seriously I believe it's a poor excuse for this type of wine and classification. 82 points


Anonymous said...

Great site. I am bookmarking this as a source for information and guidance about making the best wine selections.

thomas said...

why thank ya darlin'!

Unknown said...

I had this one while I was in Germany, it was absolutely delicious at the source. Granted most things, are I'm hoping it lives up to what I had.