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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2006 Vin du Lac Ice Wine

This dessert wine from Washington State is an Ice Wine made from 50% Riesling and 50% Gewurztraminer.  I was not sure what to expect from a Washington State Ice Wine but was very shocked by the quality and purity of fruit. On the nose I got loads of apricot nectar, powder sugared dates, and frosted carrot cake! On the palate the wine boasts extremely ripe and luscious fruit flavors of apricot, candied mango, peach syrup, honey, and orange marmalade. The flavors were super intense and the finish was very long. This wine has great acidity and a good amount of alcohol to make it appear quite balanced even though the high sugar levels are quite obvious. I have to say I'm quite impressed with this effort and score the wine 91+ points.


Anonymous said...

You may wish to check out my peanut brittle pictures...may post the simple recipe later in the day.

Merry christmas.

Thud said...

I would like to have tried this and will look for it in future.