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Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Grateful Palate

If you haven't heard of Dan Philips, Chris Ringland, or R Winery then you must be a half asleep wine connoisseur or just don't like Australian super "Fruit Bombs" as much as the rest. The company was founded in 1997 by American Dan Philips who at the time, wagered just about everything he owned to buy a partial container of Australian Shiraz from a half dozen producers. Years later the company Philips started from scratch has developed into arguably the world finest Australian wine portfolios.  Producers such as Chris Ringland, Trevor Jones, Rick Burge, Marquis Philips, Noon, Kay Brothers, Greenock Creek, and many more which can be found on their official website: Grateful Palate Imports

Years ago , wine great Robert Parker--whose reviews can make or break vineyards--heard word of Philips' taste and invited him to set up a private sipping. "At the end of a day's work," Parker wrote, "I felt like a colossal stooge, for rarely have I tasted so many exceptional wines." Philips' palate, Parker said, was "brilliant."

The company mission statement pretty much sums up the company and the vision of Dan Philips' in bringing the world a more "greatful palate".

Company Mission Statement
"To create and discover distinct, full flavored delicious wines from Australia and around the world that are always a great value, unbeatably consistent, and food worthy. Invent a portfolio of wines unlike any the world has seen—one that is solid, dependable and aggressively growing. To build a company that delivers pleasure, profits & bacon for all. Oh, and one more thing: WE LIVE TO SERVE!"

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