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Friday, January 09, 2009

2005 Saint-Hilaire Blanquette de Limoux

This sparkling wine has a rich history and local wine historians around the city of Limoux in Languedoc believe that the world's first sparkling wine was produced in this region in 1531, by the monks at the abbey in Saint-Hilaire. The main grape used in the Blanquette de Limoux is called Mauzac and the AOC laws dictate that the wine must be at least 90% Mauzac and the rest may be Chardonnay and/or Chenin Blanc.

Aromatically this wine shows a very mild yeast character, followed by some rubber notes, citrus, green apple, and lime zest. On the palate this wine has great texture and zip, while flavors of lemon and granny smith apple caress the palate in elegant fashion. The bubbles are very finite and smooth which I enjoyed but the wine is just slightly plain in my opinion. By that I mean the wine only has about two to three flavor components and doesn't offer up much in the way of complexity. However simplicity can sometimes be just as brilliant as complexity and I believe this would be a fabulous food wine that would do wonders with any number of seafood dishes and with several mild cheeses. 86 points - (great value for the $$$)

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