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Saturday, January 17, 2009

2005 Sequoia Grove Chardonnay

I love the red wines of Sequoia Grove and have been to the winery and think some of the Cab's are phenomenal and so I'm excited to taste this Carneros sourced, Napa Valley Chardonnay. I have tasted quite a few Chards as of late and so I think my palate is sharp in this area at the moment, so lets see what I can come up with! The bouquet is expressed with baked apple aromas, creamy oak, toast, lemon curd, and hints of caramel corn. The dominant force on the nose is the creamy oak character and baked apples, so I'm not surprised that on the palate this wine is loaded with rich creamy oak and homemade apple pie flavors. This is a big California style Chardonnay that has a rich caramel ribbon character and deep, penetrating, lemon custard notes. There is a bit of nutmeg and spice that is also enjoyed on the finish, along with the super rich and pronounced toasted oak. This wine is a just a pinch of acid away from being an absolute stunner, but I feel it just falls short of true balance. If you love buttery, full-malo, slightly clumsy Chardonnay, then this is totally you! - (and I do!!) 90 Points

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