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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Patience in the cellar - I have none!

Tonight I had a chance to taste a few older wines and realized I need to focus on having more patience and hold my wines for awhile before indulging. Yes, I too suffer from the "open it now" syndrome and my little closet wine cellar has a few dozen wines piled up but most are recent vintages. I get anxious and want to taste them and report to my readers here on the blog wine cellar. What I realized tonight is just how much I love the way aged wine tastes and melds together over time. The wines I tasted were only from the 02' vintage but they really showed integration and harmony, which are things I haven't experienced as of late while tasting so many current vintage wines. The American consumer usually buys the current vintage at the wine shop or grocery store and what we often fail to do is age our wines a bit. What we're really always doing is tasting wines with young tannin and sharp acid, and I think we're often robbed of a true wine experience because of this. When thinking of my favorite wine experiences they almost always include mature and aged wines. Patience in the cellar is going to be my new resolution and I hope you try it too!

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