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Thursday, February 19, 2009

2003 CA' ROME' Romano Marengo "Sori Rio Sordo" Barbaresco

This Barbaresco is made from a really reputable winery that pays close attention to detail and makes wine of great quality from some of the best vineyards in the region. I took the liberty to decant this wine because of the natural tannin usually associated with these young Nebbiolo wines and also because I really wanted to bring out the aromatics.  On the nose I get brilliant cherry notes as well as some very pronounces tea leaf, red plum, and touches of leather. There is also some nice violet and floral notes that I enjoy. On the palate this wine grips down with incredible force and some really firm tannin. The cherry notes and sweet plum notes are accented by hints of tea berry, plum skin, and leather. This wine is beginning to really open up after about an hour of aeration. In the video tasting below you'll notice that I could hardly drink this stuff because of the chalky and almost bitter tannins, but now the wine is actually tasting quite brilliant! Anyone who pops a bottle of this needs to wait at least and hour or more before this wine will shows it's fruit character. I also feel this wine will improve in the bottle and needs a few additional years of cellaring. As is I score this wine 89+ points 

Watch me taste this wine live!

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Wine Country Inn said...

Greetings from Colorado's Wine Country! You've got a great blog, here.

I'll have to try this wine sometime; the cherry and plum notes make it sound very appealing. What kinds of game meat do you think would pair nicely with the Barbaresco?