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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

2004 BOUCHARD AÎNÉ & FILS Meursault Premier Cru "Le Porusot"

I'll admit it,....I'm a sucker for white Burgundy and this wine has further convinced me of my love for these masterpiece wines of purity, complexity, and textbook balance. The bouquet on this Meursault is as complex as I've experienced with Chardonnay showing beautiful aromas of orange creme-sickle, fresh baked bread, mineral, wet stone, stone fruit, pear, and baked apple pie. On the palate toasted oak, baked apple, caramel, orange creme, and hints of buttered toast grace the palate with seamless balance and razor sharp acidity. The finish is very long and extended and shows lingering citrus notes. I have "toast with apple sauce" in my notes, because that's what this wine triggered for me (memories of my mother making buttered toast and spreading apple sauce on it). Really can't say enough about this style, perfect and impeccable balance. 93+ points

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Anonymous said...

I've been discovering the wide, wonderful world of white Burgundies myself lately, and up until relatively recently my experience with them had been somewhat limited -- at least in comparison with other varietals. This one sounds positively delightful. The "buttered toast with apple sauce" combination would go wonderfully with a pork loin or possibly a carefully chosen platter of fruit and cheese (one of my personal favorite ways to enjoy a new wine). I'll have to put it on my "to-try" list.

I actually discovered my first white Burgundy by way of a wine club I joined a while back. I was delighted by the complexity and balance involved in the wine as well and became eager to try more. Nowadays, I actually prefer them to some of the accepted basic white like Chardonnay and find they add a nice twist to meals I'd normally serve with a Chard otherwise.

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thomas said...

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