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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

2006 Vallo Pinot Grigio

This simple Pinot Grigio was a stinker to find information on, so I'm not sure who made it or how it was made! I do however know that it's an inexpensive Pinot Grigio from the Veneto and It's one of the only wines in my house that I was willing to open this late at night. Anyways, the wine starts out with a simple bouquet of lemon-lime, fennel, white blossom, and a slight nutty-oxidation. On the palate the wine shows flavors of mandarin peel, tangerine, and salty mineral components. The wine although light in texture, finishes quite long with a savory citrus and slight nuttiness. There is good acid and saltiness to this wine and so I think it would be a brilliant pairing for light fleshed fish. Flounder anyone!?! 84+ points


Watch me taste this wine live!


Daisy said...

So I read you got sick. Good to see you back! Well I missed your posts at BE. And I haven't really commented here before but I get a lot of sources of great wines from you. So keep 'em coming! :-)

Thomas said...

Thanks Daisy!

Amie said...

I found you through BE--just wanted to let you know about (I also found this on BE); it works similar, but quicker, much more views on your blog. I doubled, almost tripled what I get with BE in one day. Just spreading the love! --Amie

Anonymous said...

just found your blog, and enjoyed it!
We're big lovers of Italian wines!
We'll be back for another glass or 2 ;0)

thomas said...

Welcome Lesley!