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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sense of place and terroir is everything to me

There's really nothing that bothers me more about a wine then if it has absence of place. Many wines that we classify as "new world" achieve this feet everyday, but I've had my share of European wines that taste like "nowhere" wines as well.

I love the Tuscan wines with their leather and musky cherryness! Bring on the band aid and barnyard of an aged Bordeaux! Hit me over the head with the petrol and slate of a German Riesling!!! There's nothing I love more then smelling and tasting wine with distinct and defining characteristics. Characteristics of the terroir that swipe you away to far away lands and make you feel and understand the culture and love put into every bottle.

So they may keep the skittles and hi-c and put it on the shelf with the oak chips and butter! I want the Eucalyptus and mint of a Barrosa Shiraz, and the coco and black raspberry of Rutherford! These are the real wines of the world, the wines that embody a "Sense of Place".

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