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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

1995 Paul Jaboulet Aine "La Chapelle" Hermitage

I absolutely love to taste wines like these and I thank my good friends for inviting me to taste their aged gems such as these.

The name of Hermitage La Chapelle is linked to the chapel of Saint-Christophe overlooking the terraced vineyards along the Rhône. Maison Paul Jaboulet Aîné has been the sole owner since 1919.

The wine is made from 40-60 year old Syrah vines located in a rich and varied soils with very diverse terroirs (les Bessards, les Greffieux, le Méal and les Rocoules). The 1995 vintage proved to be a difficult growing season and although healthy grapes were harvested, they were in very small quantities.

I enjoyed this wine very much in terms of it's complexity and depth, but oddly enough it wasn't my highest scored wine of the night. It was by far the most complex wine, but not the best tasting of the bunch.

On the very complex bouquet I got a dose of stewy cherry, cinnamon, brett, white pepper, and some meaty notes. This is the kind of wine you could smell for hours without taking a sip! On the palate the wine was dry, but as soft as can be, and showed nuances of cranberry, tobacco, plum, tea leaf, chalk, mineral, and stewy cherry tomato. Once again I think this wine is has amazing complexities but for me it lacked fruit and brightness. 89+ points

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