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Sunday, May 24, 2009

2005 Heavyweight Red Cabernet Sauvignon

I believe this wine was made from fruit from California's Lodi appellation, but I do know the wine is part of a company called Blue Moon Wines. As to how it was made, I have no clue except for the varietal breakdown which is 76% Cabernet Sauvignon, 14% Syrah, and 10% Zinfandel. This type of wine I often refer to as a "gimmick wine" because of the cartoon-like label and catchy name. Lots of wines like these I feel often under deliver in terms of terroir and sense of place and can sometimes be very boring. I decided to share my notes on this one because it actually drinks pretty good.

On the nose this wine is big and brambly and displays aromas of black raspberry, Marion berry, milk chocolate truffle, and hints of vanilla and spice

On the palate this wine is a big, luscious, fruit bomb! Jammy raspberry fruit combines with coco, spice, and a touch of creamy oak. I see this wine being a fishing trip red wine! One that can be fun to drink without food or pleases with the most basic of snacks. I does finish a bit off balance with some ruff tannin a a touch of alcohol but overall I think it's a decent value play. 86 points


DC_E said...

I do not have an educated wine pallate, but Heavyweight Red is my favorite red wine to date. I love its bold flavor. I love the aroma of it. It is just a joyous bottle. Right now I am missing a bottle that I gave to a friend to try. It just embodies the spirit that I want from a bottle. It truly is a Heavyweight red.

Anonymous said...


Trish said...

Trish said .............Absolutely awesome. I did taste the raspberry fruit and creamy oak. Such a relaxing wine; anytime. I believe that I have discovered a new favorite :)