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Monday, May 18, 2009

2006 Andrew Peacock Merlot

This Napa Valley Merlot was really hard to find information on and even harder to find a label. I think this is a second label to the Dark Horse winery wines. Since I don't have any tech information we'll skip it and go into the tasting notes!

On the nose this Merlot displays aromas of black currant, cedar, dust, and earth. It lacks a bit of depth and fruit character and seems to be perhaps under ripe from the aromatics. 

On the palate this wine has an explosive rustic attack, bitter blackberry, currant, and lots of woody notes. The tannin appears to be green and unripe in nature and the finish is just as bitter. 

To me this wine is the perfect example of why Merlot gets a bad rap. It's sad to think of the possibility of a new wine drinker tasting Merlot for the first time and coming across this wine. It's truly one of the poorest Napa Valley wines I've ever tasted. 71 points


Unknown said...

We loved the Andrew Peacock Merlot. I was awesome for the price. We tasted it with a group of 10 people in a blind tasting and it was the crowd favorite. You need to decant it for an hour and it opens up great. Maybe you had a bad bottle.

Anonymous said...

I opened a bottle of Andrew Peacock last night. I really loved it. I would rate it an 89

Anonymous said...

We tasted it in Geyserville. I really like the darkhorse labels and wine so wanted to try this value merlot. I don't recall exactly what we paid for it... I think about $12 a bottle. Very good wine and very good value. We opened a bottle last night and it was very easy to remember why we bought it. I would rate it an 88 very good fruit and flavor... Well balanced but not too much tanin. I get a peppery note in the mid-palate. Very easy drinking merlot good on its own or with a wide variety of foods. We had ours with a traditional pot roast;

Anonymous said...

This is a prime example of why not everyone should start wine blogs. I dunno if you had a bad bottle, but if not, you obviously are incapable of recognizing a good bottle of wine when you taste one. This is damn good Merlot for the price.