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Friday, May 15, 2009

2007 Borgogno Dolcetto d' Alba

I rarely have the opportunity to drink Dolcetto and I have to admit it's been maybe 5-6 months since I've tried one. However, I do remember from my previous encounters with the varietal, that it is usually a light and somewhat fruity style red that occasionally can be good, but most the time is average at best. The latter is how I feel about this wine because I feel it somewhat lacks fruit and is almost too rustic. Those big hearty Italian food lovers may actually dig on this wine, but I for one prefer the more light and whimsical Dolcetto's.

On the nose this wine was very perplexing to me and lots of dark soil, leather, and rustic black pepper action dominate the aromas, with perhaps a touch of mixed berry fruits. I did notice that this wine did improve it's fruit level after being in my glass for around 30 minutes. The rustic wood scents and leathery soil would perhaps blow off a bit with the proper decanting.

On the palate this wine comes across very dry and rustic as well and displays flavors of blackberry, earth, leather, and perhaps a touch of cranberry. The finish almost has a touch of bitter almond and lots of rustic woody tones. In my notes I referred to this wine as "very Italiano"!!

I can see this wine pairing well with big hearty Italian cuisine and salty pork dishes. Perhaps some Italian sausage or prosciutto could be on order. 85 points


gutenmegan said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I've really enjoyed poking around yours. Do you blog for your employer or is this more of a personal passion?

Thomas said...

I blog for my own enjoyment, but I taste most of these wines at my place of work.