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Monday, May 25, 2009

Don't be embarrased to take notes while tasting

Logging each wine I taste is a very important tool that not only has helped me remember wines I've tasted in the past, but has significantly improved my sense of smell and blind tasting skills.

Yes...... everyone has a good laugh when I break out my pen and paper to take notes during tastings among my wine friends and colleagues. Truth be told I think the only one that should be laughing is myself because I know the value this has had on me as a wine professional, and I think those that aren't taking notes are missing out.

I've been taking serious notes and logging my tastings for about 3 years now and can honestly tell you that it has significantly improved my sense of smell and blind tasting skills. Writing down the aroma and flavor profile helps you to develop your awareness of each element. Just like I have said in the past, I think it's also important to frequently smell and taste all different sorts of fruits and vegetables to be able to become extremely familiar with the aromas they exude.

When writing tasting notes you will begin to notice common characteristics in certain wines from certain vintages and certain appellations. You'll might notice things such as eucalyptus aromas in certain wines from Australia, or perhaps a good dose if barnyard from older vintage French wines. The more you taste and make yourself aware of the profile of each wine, the better you become at expressing and processing those thoughts.

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