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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spotlight: Benito's Wine Reviews

Today I wanted to spotlight a special blog that I think exemplifies great food and wine blogging. Memphis chef and blogger Ben Carter has put together an amazing culinary and wine review blog that just happens to be one of me favorite reads online. 

The blog is called Benito's Wine Reviews and has been up and running since January of 2005. During this time Ben has posted about everything from "frog legs" to "Spanish Xarel-Lo" and continues to write incredibly educational articles coupled with great digital photos of his delectable creations.

I often think about what makes a great blogger and the thought has brought me to the conclusion that communicating your passions and sharing your joy with the world, is the best way to become a recognized and followed blog writer. One thing we can learn from "Benito" is that he uses his culinary expertise and knowledge about food and wine pairings to help expand each readers' palate and teach us how to enjoy the better things in life. 

Thanks Ben!

1 comment:

Benito said...


Thanks for the kind writeup, I enjoy reading your site. Keep up the good work!

I'm not a culinary professional (and have no formal training), but the blogosphere is a great place for the curious amateur. Be sure to check out one of my kitchen disasters.


P.S. Frog legs is good eatin'. ;)