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Saturday, June 06, 2009

2005 Chateau Campot-Lafon

It was difficult to find any information about this wine online so all I know is it's from Bordeaux. As to what part of Bordeaux or the varietal breakdown, I'm totally in the dark. I would guess there is a fair amount of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cab Franc.

On the nose this wine is very rustic and shows notes of cherry, leather, brett, band-aid, mineral, vitamin, and black chai tea. This to me would be a fairly easy wine to blind taste and pinpoint France as the country of origin. In fact I would probably say it was Bordeaux too, but vintage date would have been the problem. This wine smells and tastes far more mature than 2005, especially because 2005 was such a powerful vintage.

On the palate this wine is incredibly soft and subtle. It shows very light flavors of cherry and fresh pomegranate, lots of earth, leather, and brettomyces (barnyard). This wine drinks as soft as seriously aged Bordeaux and if it were more brownish in color you'd probably be able to fool a number of trophy hunting Bordeaux fans.

If you love stinky French wine as much as I do, then this wine is right down your alley. This wine is so French and flawed with brettomyces it's almost funny. If you're a fruit lover then stay away from this little gem, but if you're a corkdork such as myself then I would definitely recommend this wine. 85 points

P.S. Quality wise this wine is and 85 pointer, but I'll secretly give it a 90... hehe...shhhhh...

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vuluganck said...

Oh I realized, this website is about wine.Oh very interesting.Let me see, this bottle is from France?Cool,if this wine is used for party that would be great.I know 1 wine is familiar with this,it is called Papayel in my country,very soft.