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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

2005 Torres Celeste Crianza

The 2005 Torres "Celeste" is a 100% Tempranillo from Ribera del Duero Spain. It was aged in French and American oak barrels for 12 months and has the Crianza classification which means the wines are two years old, with at least twelve months spent in cask.

The color of this wine as you might have guessed if you are familiar with wines from Ribera, is very full and dark purple. On the nose I pick up aromas of black currant, cassis, and creamy oak. Those oaky aromas almost appear to be vanilla and coconut cream like. On the palate the creamy oak flavors and big rich cassis and blackberry fruits continued to dominate the flavor profile. The texture of the wine is very round and creamy and it finishes on the palate with some firm and chunky tannin. 

For me this wine is just a tad bit over-oaked. Perhaps the use of American oak has masked the true identity of the fruit and this is what bothers me about this wine. The coconut cream thing is just too synthetic for my liking and you almost get the feeling that this wine has been over manicured. It's like the woman who goes a bit too far with plastic surgery! One too many face lifts!  Interesting wine, but just not my style. 80 points

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vuluganck said...

Oh god , the bottle looks like the Wisky bottle.I like this bottle's sharp.I think the really value is this bottle.Not inside huh?Joke!

Spain!THis wine is just 2 years old.So soft!This is very appropriate with teenagers.My birthday needs this somehow..