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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

2007 Planeta Rosé

The 2007 Planeta Rosé is made from 100% Syrah grapes from Sicily. It has a salmon-pink color and soft aromas of wild strawberry, fresh pomegranate seeds, red apple skin, and perhaps a touch of seaweed. It almost has a savory side to it that reminds me of salty foods. 

On the palate this wine expresses flavors fresh pomegranate, cranberry, pink lemonade, and sea salt. This wine comes across really salty for some odd reason. Without knowing too much about the soils where these grapes were grown, I would immediately think they were calcareous in nature and perhaps seashell and beach sand. 

The texture of the wine is also quite round and full and the acidity is very light but shows up on the finish. In my honest opinion this wine is dying for shellfish and would also pair with salmon and capers. This is a great summer wine for red wine drinkers that still want the complexities involved with their favorite Syrah's and Cab's.  The finish is quite extended and the strawberry and light cherry notes are wonderful.  89+ points


Anonymous said...

This sounds like a great buy. I have been looking for it in Albuquerque but no luck so far.

Thanks for the recommendation.

Dwacon said...

Rosé is always a good choice...

Megan said...

Okay... yumm yumm yumm... my sis and I went out tonight to our favorite restaurant and had an OUTSTANDING Rose... we were both shocked, even my mother who is an avid -anti-wine drinker liked it! Buttery and yummy - here it is C.g. di Arie Rose di Arie (2008)
C.g. di Arie Rose di Arie 2008 -