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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

2007 Torres Viña Esmeralda

This white wine from Spain's Catalunya region is composed of 85% Moscato and 15% Gerwurztraminer. From the sound of those two varietals one might preconceive that this wine could be sweet. However, this is a slightly off-dry wine with just the faintest touch of residual sugar. You could also bet on it being a very aromatic wine as well, because of the intense aromas that are normally associated with these two varieties. I have to admit I am surprised that the bouquet is slightly less expressive than I was expecting. 

On the nose I get aromas of fresh lime zest, orange marmalade, mineral, crushed rock, and white rose.  On the palate this wine is crisp and displays a sharp acidity, coupled with flavors of lemon-lime, mandarin, and a touch of passion fruit. There is just a slight touch of residual sugar but the wine finishes crisp and clean. 

I see this style of wine pairing very well with crab legs, shrimp cocktail, or and Asian chicken salad. It's a crisp, refreshing wine that is neutral enough to pair with many types of light cuisine.  87 points


vuluganck said...

Uhmm looks like a lemon soda drink.White wine has white color but why does it one have green color ? That's the bottle's color hah?My mother sometimes uses wine to eat with foods as beef,beefsteak and some sea food.Very sweet.I think this one is very appropriate with my mother's food.

Michael Hughes said...

That wine is so refreshing on a humid, sticky Memphis summer day. I love it on the patio.