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Monday, June 01, 2009

Judd's Enormous Wine Show

If you're a huge fan of the humor involved with the wine world and the ever existing "wine snobbery", then you'll love St. Helena filmmaker Rudy McClain and winemaker Judd Finkelstein's wine show. The series of short films or You Tube's polk fun at the superficial nature of the wine business and all the fuddy-duddy things that surround the beverage we all love.

Those of us who are constantly surrounded by all types of wine people and funny characters in the business of wine, will no doubt find these wine-satire clips to be a riot. There are currently 4 episodes available for viewing at HERE with a fifth that seems to be in progress.

Also, if you haven't tried Judd's wines I highly recommend them. The 1995 Cab and Merlot were some of the first wines I was tasting when I first got into the wine business. I remember just how great I thought there wine were then and a few years ago I visited the winery and the wines were still amazing.

A lot of the credit lies with Judd's father Art who has been making wine in Napa for all of 30+ years. They also run a custom crush facility and bottle all sorts of small production wines for folks around the Napa Valley. Cheers guys, and keep the laughs comin'!


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