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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Why rosé is the perfect summer wine for red drinkers!?

I just had an amazing rosé and realized for the millionth time that rosé is just my favorite wine during the summer months. Most red wine drinkers like myself, tend to enjoy red wine more than white because we feel we can get the complexity in a red for a more reasonable price. This is not to say you can't get equal complexity out of the top white wines, but as a general rule cheap red has more complexity than most cheap white. Anyways, in the summer rosé is the perfect balance. 

Summer time here in my wonderful state of Arizona is simply just not the time to drink big hearty red wines with big hearty meals. If I was to eat a plate of steak and potatoes for lunch with a Syrah or Cabernet every day I would need at least a three hour siesta!! What most people need in the summer is a wine that goes well with lighter cuisine such as salad and sandwiches. 

Take my advice and look no further than rosé and here's why......

1. Rosé is generally more complex than your everyday white like Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc.
2. Rosé has nice crisp acidity and is very refreshing on the palate.
3. Rosé is an under appreciated category of wine so the prices are reasonable.
4. Rose is amazingly versatile with thousands of foods combinations and cheeses. (My wife made grilled chicken caesar salad and the rosé was the most gratifying pairing I've had in at least a year!)

It's important to get over the stigma of drinking blush wines. White Zin has cast it's plunky shrowd over rosé and it's time people expand their palates to the amazing benefits of drinking the most amazing summer wine! 

Here's a list of amazing rosé's that you should try:

Etude rosé of Pinot Noir - Carneros
Turkey Flat rosé - Barossa, Australia
Francis Coppola rosé of Pinot Noir- Carneros
Domaines Ott - Bandol, France


Chris Plummer said...

I'm not a rose fan but you really should check out Charles Melton's Rose of Virginia (Barossa Valley).
Typically one of the smoothest, deepest rose wines in Australia

thomas said...

I have tried the Charles Melton rose many times and agree that it's great stuff! Thanks for the comment!

Dr.Bruce said...

Another good recommendation. A friend in the food industry says these are some really good wines.

I'll buy some this week.

thomas said...

They actually are amazing with food. Some of the most versatile wines out there. If you are in to wine and cheese pairing roses and Riesling are some of the best wines to use. Thanks for the comment Dr. Bruce! Cheers to you my friend!

joeshico said...

I have always avoided Rose' because I do not enjoy sweet wines. Until this past week, I thought all Rose' wine was sweet. On a recent wine tour I discovered the fact that I, for many, many years have been wrong.
My summer wines were always 'dry' Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc. Now it is definitely Rose' (dry Rose')

thomas said...

Yes, White Zinfandel has gave rose a bad name and most people think that rose is sweet, when in reality it's mostly vinified as dry wine. Thnks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

Rose is my favorite type of summer wine. I just discovered a new one from Travessia Urban Winery that I love. It is a local MA wine which makes it even nicer!

Sean Millard said...

Rose is one of my favorite wines. The roses that come from Provence are typically considered to be the best in the world, with second place (whoever it may be) far behind. Provencal roses tend to be dry and mineral driven, not sweet. I've recently had some very good roses: