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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tasting your wine the second day

I just wanted to emphasize the importance of tasting a bottle of wine after it has been opened for a least a day. I could not begin to tell you how many times I have tasted a wine the next day and have found it to be completely different and many times even better than the first day of being open. 

This is especially true with wines like Aussie Shiraz or big California Cabs because of their monstrous tannin structure that often times needs to be substantially aerated. However, today I tasted the a Pinot Noir that I reviewed yesterday (2006 Firesteed Pinot Noir) and noticed that it had improved at least two points from the day before. It was softer, more complex, and finished with much more polish than the day previous.  

I'm convinced that before giving a 100% assessment of any wine, that it's vitally important to save a glass until the following day when it can be analyzed again. I would be interested in the opinions of those who have experienced this second-day improvement as I have and those that think I'm just nuts too!!


Unknown said...

I completely agree. You would not deliver a fair review by visiting a restaurant just once, so why should a bottle of wine be judged when the cork has just been removed and never thereafter. Of course, I also drink my Shiraz chilled, so perhaps I am an anomaly.

thomas said...

Thanks for the comment Janie, It's true what you say about judging a restaurant after a few times of frequenting the menu. Drinking your Shiraz chilled is totally fine if that's the way you enjoy it! The only thing is it might dummy down the aromatics a bit, but everyone is entitled to their own taste and how they enjoy things. Cheers!

Group Purchase Online said...

Hi Thomas, I must admit that there are subtle differences in the taste the next day. But to be honest I very rarely have any left once I have opened a bottle.
Cheers, Dave