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Monday, July 20, 2009

2007 McManis Pinot Noir

This California Appellation Pinot Noir is a tiny 20,000 case production! Really I could stop right here and you'd probably be able to predict my thoughts about this wine from the first sentence. Now, I know that Mcmanis has some pretty serviceable wines and I even tasted the 07' Chard alongside this wine and thought it was pretty good. However, I think this wine is the quintessential example of how touchy this varietal can be, and how it just hates being over manipulated. I really have yet to experience a Pinot Noir for ten bucks that is drinkable, and if anyone can point me to one I will gladly buy it and review it here.

The aromas totally remind me of either Zin or Merlot, Hi-c cherry, raspberry, and candied mixed berry flavors with a dab of oak and spice. There really is the sense of artificial fruit flavoring and/or over manipulation in the winery when I smell this wine. I'm not entirely sure where in California this fruit was sourced but it smells like they passed it through the skittles or starburst factory! No just Joking!

On the palate the wine does taste a bit more like Pinot Noir and has some ok cherry and raspberry flavors, along with some oak. The wine is made well but I think the fruit source is perhaps the biggest issue with this wine. It's like going to a Thai restaurant and there is a bunch of Guatemalans cooking the food......Or perhaps it's like going to Guatemala and buying Thai food....... Ok maybe not the right analogy, but what I'm trying to express is that the wine is clumbsy, over made, high in alcohol, and just down right bad.

In a blind tasting it would be hard to peg as Pinot Noir. 68 points

P.S. I have nothing against Guatemalans....just an example...maybe the do cook great Thai food!

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Unknown said...

Agree on this one... had it a month or so ago and thought it was awful. I got an obnoxious amount of rose petals on the nose... almost poured it out. Some of the scent blew off on the second day, but still didn't enjoy it.

My best Pinot to date is the Angeline from the Russian Rivery Valley... outstanding for 14 bucks or so.