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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

2009 Oregon Pinot Camp

The 2009 Oregon Pinot Camp was an amazing experience to remember and one of the most fantastically planned and executed events I have ever attended.

I'd like to thank all the wineries, winemakers, vineyard managers, and all the personal that made this event possible. It was truly one of the most marvelous occasions and four days I will never forget. The instruction was brilliant and extremely educational and the wines were amazing to say the least.

I've never met a group of people who could answer every question, no matter how wine-nerdy it may have seemed. In fact, the most cork dork questions were answered in an even superior nerdy manner with absolutely no pretension. Here are a bunch of my photos from the event.

Cathy - wheresmydamnanswer said...

One of my favorite Pinot Gris is from Evergreen Vineyards!! OMG yummy

thomas said...

Thanks for the comment! I'll have to check them out.

Anonymous said...

These pictures are beautiful.Elegant page as well. I am green with envy :)

Michael Hughes said...

I couldn't agree more. That experience was amaaaazing. What bus were you on? What was your favorite seminar?

thomas said...


Wine Tasting Event said...

After trying for almost 2 years I finally got invited to Oregon Pinot Camp! So I've booked a little Euro-style room at Hotel Oregon in McMinnville. Anyone stayed there? I'm also looking for recommendations on hotels in Portland. I don't want anything too expensive. Just comfy & cool & near to fun bars, restaurants etc. Any restaurant recommendations? I think I'm going to eat at Beast, Naomi Pomeroy's restaurant. Anyplace else I should check out? Or what about winebars, lounges, divebars? Help!! I leave in a month заведения село баня.

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