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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The vast array of wine wine blogs.......

I just have to comment on the amount of wine blogs being written. It's freakin' amazing! There must be over 10,000 wine nerds writing about there wine experiences and giving there opinion and thoughts about the beverage. Wine is the most analyzed beverage in the the world and now the average consumer has a platform to opine on.

The internet is the most amazing invention and is just a little baby at around 15 years old. Imagine the wine world in 15 more years and how the internet will effect the business of wine. Who will be the first wine focused shipping company??? Who will be the first virtual wine shop that you can walk into and receive live wine customer service?? Do these things already exist??

Amazing to contemplate the internet and where it's headed.
Morten Pedersen said...

I didn't konw there where so many!
what can we do to make yours visible?

thomas said...

Content is king...Pump out loads of quality content and become friends with everyone you meet online.

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